I must admit initially when I received this product I was very sceptical about whether this product would really work. It sounded like it could be one of those all talk and no results. I was however pleasantly shocked.

Before taking the product as you should do before taking any type of substance or tablet I read up about what it was actually like and other reviews. I was happy to find that there was scientific research behind the product.

Better Nutritional Science is behind the manufacture of BrainZyme range of food supplement quality cognitive enhancers. They are a Scottish company registered in the UK and are approved by environmental health. After 36 months of development and research they came up with their current range of products.

The three products they have on offer is Brainzyme original, professional and elite.

Original is the entry level product which is a natural cognitive enhancer what is designed to help you “get more done” and current reviews state that there was improved concentration, clearer thinking and less tiredness.

Professional is brain nutrition which they claim is taken onto the next level. It is well suited for those involved in projects, work or study where they are under pressure to get results in a short time frame.

Elite is one of their leading and they state is their most impressive cognitive enhancers. It claims that it will help you reach deeper levels of concentration and is well suited for medium length projects or study sessions.

I was able to try out the original and worked it alongside my everyday work. As we are busy currently I hoped that it would help me “get more done” as it was stated it should do on their website. The packet it was in is very eye catching but could definitely look a little more professional. It is quite basic but includes everything it needed on it. The ingredients included Matcha green tea powder, Guarana fruit seeds, Choline, Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Vitamin B1, B5, B6 and B12.

A short description of each of these ingredients can be found on the back of the packaging and shows how each will help you perform better. It is important to note that these tablets need to be taken on an empty stomach. The recommended dosage is 2-3 capsules with water between meals but do not exceed 3 capsules in 3 hours or 6 capsules per day. It is also important to note is not suitable for children under 16. It is a vegetarian product.

So upon taking these tablets I wasnt sure what to expect. I took the tablets with water as advised and set about work. Although the effects are minimal they are definitely there. I felt more enegerised and able to do my work. I performed faster and more effectively for a period of around an hour. Whether this was psychological or whether the product really worked I could not say for sure but in my belief I would definitely say it was the tablets.

I would try this product again and would consider using it in the future when projects came up or when I needed that boost.

Now for the finer details:

  • The range of ingredients given is quite vast. I have included a photo shown on their website below of each of the key ingredients and what they are. 
  • They market at £7.95 for 30 capsules of the original which in my opinion as it is one of the first on the market isnt too bad of a price although it is a little on the expensive side. The professional markets at £15.95 and the elite at £25.95.
  • Taste. These products do not really have a taste to report about and no not leave any taste in your mouth as you might expect. BrainZyme (Original) - a natural Brain Food Supplement

Overall I would give this product 4 stars out of 5



Please not I am only commenting on my experience and cannot assure the same results for you. Also check the ingredients and do your own research on the product before purchase in case of allergic reaction.



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